The U.N. is making big statements about climate change — about as big as the U.N. itself, or at least the building it lives in.

On Sept. 20, the international governing organization, not typically known for its flashy messaging — along with the Oceanic Preservation Society and some other big-name artists, photographers, and activists — presented, “illUmniNations: Protecting our Planet,” a dazzling video projected onto the side of the U.N headquarters in New York. The shots of endangered species and illustrations of carbon pollution were accompanied by stirring music, a call for reduced carbon emissions, and inspirational narration by the likes of Jane Goodall.

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And wait, is that our man Leonardo at minute 1:35? We think yes. And while he’s not bad at blending into the crowd, the newsboy cap and man bun combination is a dead giveaway …

But contemplation of Leo’s fashion choices is interrupted when Jane’s voice interjects: Future generations will look back on our time with scorn if we don’t do something fast. (Ouch, truth hurts.) The words on the screen tell us to invest in green growth and push for a price on carbon. In the crowd, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon gives his nod of affirmation. And scene.

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