If nothing else, when the climate crisis bubbles into the mainstream, it’s a great time to remember how much better-looking our side is. Stalwart climate hawk and Oscar-bait dreamboat Leonardo DiCaprio addressed the U.N. Tuesday, clad in a natty suit and sporting a righteous man bun. For nearly four minutes, he spoke passionately about how he plays “pretend for a living,” but we can’t pretend climate change isn’t real anymore.

You can make history, or you will be vilified by it. To be clear this is not about just telling people to change their lightbulbs or to buy a hybrid car; this disaster has grown beyond the choices that individuals make. This is now about our industries and our governments around the world taking decisive, large-scale action. Now must be our moment for action.

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It’s a compelling performance — but will it work? We like his chances. At 2:20, you can practically see U.N. members saying, “Pay attention — Leo is actually making a whole lot of sense. I never thought I’d say it, but that man bun is so hot.”

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