This piece was co-written by Sean Sarah, National Press Desk, Alliance for Climate Protection.

Today, the Alliance for Climate Protection and the Center for American Progress released a report, based on analysis by Climate Advisers and Project Catalyst, that provides a blueprint for how the United States can show leadership on climate finance, despite current economic and political conditions, and how such leadership is in America’s vital national interest.

The report shows how, by fostering partnerships with developing countries that support greater near-term action (through 2015) on climate change, the United States can demonstrate global leadership and catalyze meaningful action to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

In partnering with developing nations, the report finds, we could create new opportunities for American businesses to tap into a growing demand for clean energy technologies. We would reduce the risk of climate-related national security threats, and we would strengthen relationships with our allies in the global effort to solve the climate crisis.

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The report features a message from former Vice President Al Gore, who wrote:

“At this juncture, we realize that American leadership is no longer sufficient, but we must remember that it remains essential. If the United States were to continue in its failure to step up to climate change, a successful international effort would remain out of the question. To safeguard the future of our civilization, we must avoid that outcome. Success may not come in the next two years, but come it must. In the words of the poet, Wallace Stevens: ‘After the final no there comes a yes and on that yes the future of the world hangs.'”

And you’ll also find a forward co-authored by Alliance for Climate Protection CEO Maggie L. Fox:

“The United States and other developed nations must do their part at home. But we also must internalize the political reality that U.S. domestic emissions reductions will not be sufficient in the near term and that our nation has to find other ways to contribute to an effective global effort. To that end we must expand our work to support other nations that are making good-faith efforts to reduce their emissions.”

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You can learn more and download the full report here


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