Climate denier and The Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman has been getting a lot of media attention lately. It all started when Coleman appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File, where he spouted off about climate change being a hoax. Watch the clip:


Didn’t feel like watching? Here’s a taste of his interview with Megyn Kelly:

There are 9,000 PhDs and 31 [thousand] scientists that have signed a petition that say that [CO2] is not a  significant greenhouse gas — oh, it’s a teeny, weeny itsy-bitsy greenhouse gas, but it’s not an any way significant — and we are sure of it. It’s not like something I’ve made up, or just thought of, I’ve studied and studied and studied.

We’re sure you have, John. And we’re also sure that those scientists who signed the petition you’re referring to — the now-discredited Oregon Petition — studied hard, too. I mean, Charles Darwin was on the list, after all, along with Ginger Spice and fictional characters from Star Wars.

Oy. Even though Coleman was dismissed from The Weather Channel just a year after helping get it started more than 30 years ago, we’re not surprised that the channel is still scrambling to distance itself from Coleman. In an effort to side-step this potential image-tainter, The Weather Channel publicly issued its position statement on climate change. Not that its position has changed; the organization has supported climate change science for years now. Or, in Coleman’s words, “they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid.”

After the Fox interview, Coleman and the current CEO of The Weather Company, David Kenny, aired their opposing views in a debate on CNN. If you have 10 minutes to waste, you can watch Coleman deliver climate denial lines on (not-so) Reliable Sources:


Here’s a thorough debunking of Coleman’s talking points. Now, for the love of God, would someone please fetch Mr. Coleman a glass of Kool-Aid?