Leaders around the world leap into the climate-promise arena

Today we bring you another edition of Leaders Making Big Climate Promises! In New Zealand, Prime Minister Helen Clark announced a goal to make her country the world’s first carbon-neutral nation. Zowie! British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell says he’ll set up a climate team to cut vehicle and coal-plant emissions and push B.C.ers to conserve. Zoinks! In the U.S., New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine (D) signed an executive order calling for an 80 percent cut in greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050, noting the “absence of leadership on the federal level.” Ahem! And a high-profile meeting in the U.S. Senate finds bigwigs John McCain, Barbara Boxer, and others meeting with lawmakers from Europe and Asia to discuss the world’s approach to climate change. Kapow! Organized by the U.K.-based GLOBE (Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment), the forum is backed by Prime Minister Tony Blair. President Bush, busy looking for a corner of the Oval Office to weep in, could not be reached for comment.