Study finds effects of global warming across America

Despite alarming studies about the consequences of climate change across the globe — the latest, just last week, documents massive changes in Arctic geography and wildlife — U.S. citizens remain curiously unconcerned about the issue. Perhaps a new report from the Pew Center for Global Climate Change will break through the apathy: It documents effects of global warming in the U.S., “all the way from Florida to Alaska and from the East Coast to the West Coast,” said study coauthor Camille Parmesan. Many southern species of butterfly have disappeared; red fox ranges are moving north; warm-water fish are migrating into new waters; plants are blooming weeks earlier in the spring. About half of all wild species are affected, says Parmesan. White House science adviser John Marburger said the study seemed “responsible,” but that the Bush administration’s policy on global warming would not change.