One more reason to oppose nuclear: the radioactive birds.  

Make that the dead, frozen, expanding pile of radioactive birds.

At a nuclear plant in Britain, concerned about birds potentially spreading radiation from the site, managers hired snipers — yes, snipers — to assassinate birds that land in the area, mostly pigeons and seagulls. Which they’ve been doing for a while now.

Well, problem solved then, right? Not exactly.

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Now, instead of live radioactive birds that could fly away and contaminate things, there are dead radioactive birds, deemed low-level radioactive waste, that aren’t going anywhere. Hundreds of them, actually, the managers guess. But unlike other, conventional forms of radwaste, the birds rot — enough to be deemed “putrescent” — so they must be kept out of the normal nuke waste dump.

Which means that now the Brit nuke plant has the same problem as avid hunters trying to cut down on their meat consumption — freezers and freezers full of their kill, with more arriving all the time. And until a special nuclear-bird landfill can be built where they’ll be dumped, the nuke plant’s freezers will keep overflowing with the hot cold birds.

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Freezer-burned nuclear gull, anyone? Yum.