Roger Pielke Jr., last seen bobbing and weaving in an online bout with an Actual Scientist — and getting pummeled — can now be found in a story in the Moonie-owned, far-right Washington Times:

Roger A. Pielke, environmental studies professor at the University of Colorado, and not previously a global warming skeptic, reacted to the Nature article: “Climate models are of no practical use beyond providing some intellectual authority in the promotional battle over global-warming policy.”

“Not previously a global warming skeptic” sure makes it sound like he is one now, doesn’t it? Of course, we know he isn’t a skeptic. So I’m sure he’ll contact the Times‘ Richard Rahn to make sure the story is clarified. After he contacts the L.A. Times‘ Alan Zarembo and asks for a correction on a story that characterized him as opposed climate change mitigation. He’s still getting around to that.

It must be hard to be a Brave Heretic that is so frequently and unidirectionally misunderstood.

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