Randall Munroe, writer of the web comic XKCD, has put out another one of his dizzyingly meticulous infographics, and this one is about the depths of various bodies of water. No, wait, don’t leave, it’s actually really cool!

Here’s a teeny version, but you should click to look in more depth (ha) at the whole thing.

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Some of the cool facts contained therein:

  • The Edmund Fitzgerald, Kursk, and Lusitania all sank in water shallower than they were long.
  • Lake Erie clearly has an inferiority complex.
  • An emperor penguin can dive deeper than an Ohio-class nuclear sub.
  • Sperm whales dive crazy crazy deep. Like, the pressure down there is so great, it would push air back in to a ruptured scuba tank.
  • James Cameron’s recent deep-diving mission went further down in the ocean that the abyss of The Abyss.

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