Here’s yet another op-ed from Christie Whitman cheerleading for nuclear power. To get a sense of the bad faith that infuses the whole thing, check out this paragraph:

Of course, we could buy energy-saving appliances or drive fuel-efficient cars. We can recycle cans, bottles, and newspapers. We can even plant carbon-absorbing trees. But, no matter how much we may wish they would, these acts by themselves won’t satisfy our energy demands. To do that, we need a diverse energy mix that takes a practical, rather than emotional, approach.

Enter nuclear energy.


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More to the point, though, you have to really squint to see this, tucked down under the comments:

Christine Todd Whitman, former Environmental Protection Agency chief, is co-chair of the pronuclear CASEnergy Coalition.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

That’s a rather opaque way of putting it. This would be more honest:

Christie Todd Whitman gets paid to shill for the nuclear industry.