A new Gallup poll shows that 52 percent of Americans understand that global warming is due more to human activities than natural variation, and only 43 percent believe the opposite. That’s marginally better than last year — 50 to 46, barely holding on to a “believe in science” majority” — but way down from 2007, when 61 percent knew that basic fact. There have also been slight improvements in how many people think global warming is “exaggerated” — 43 percent of those polled, down from 48 — but in 2007 it was 35 percent. It’s good that people’s knowledge is scrambling back up, but what happened?

Probably crappy media, says Joe Romm at Climate Progress. He cites a World Public Opinion poll that found that 60 percent of those who watch Fox News on a daily basis believe that “most scientists do not agree that climate change is occurring,” compared to 25 percent who watch CNN daily and only 13 percent who watch public TV or listen to public radio.

Chart of climate change knowledge vs. media consumptionChart: Climate Progress

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Gallup poll: Public understanding of global warming gains, while most Republicans remain misinformed,” Climate Progress

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