Check out last week’s lines.

The climate news of this week started rolling fast and hot
The papers said a memo showed the White House just was not
On board with EPA now putting carbon in its pot.

But it was just a spin, one on which you could not bank
The sole objection really came from one Bush-era crank*
So whew, glad that’s all cleared up — EPA, you go pull rank.

maldives boatEscape from Maldives.nattu via flickrIn other news, a plea came from the country of Maldives:
“If climate chaos gets much worse, then each one of us leaves!”
To which the world said, “Um, that’s in Europe, we believes?”

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Some posturing on climate had the power to dishearten:
We’re cracking down on marathons, according to Joe Barton.
(Good lord, that fella’s brain power is really kind of spartan.)

A promising thing happened as the week drew to a close:
The Waxman-Markey advocates had sweet-talked many foes
So they might pass the bill without a shout of “I oppose!”

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Just where that leads us next, we’ll have to wait and see.
Meanwhile, check out this webcam shot of an Old Faithful pee.
Think there’s no climate link to that? Oh, how could you doubt me.

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