Twitter on EarthSure, we could compile a list of the “Top 1,000 Greens to Follow on Twitter” — because there are at least that many worthy of the title. But is it just us, or are you curious about who we, the writers and editors at Grist, actually follow and favor on Twitter ourselves? You are? We thought so. For all the environmental news you need via Twitter — from the instantaneous and important to the inane — please follow and recommend our top green Twitter picks below (and don’t forget us @grist).

For more worthy green Twitter recommendations, check out and get an introduction to EcoMonday on Twitter here.

David Roberts, Staff Writer, @drgrist

#1. @Kenwardjr Ken Ward Jr.
Bio: Reporter, The Charleston Gazette
Recommendation: Ward is an Actual Reporter working down in Appalachia — no one does more to keep tabs on the coal industry’s evil shenanigans.

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#2. @climatebill Climate Bill ACES 09
Bio: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009
Recommendation: The mysterious “climatebill” is a great example of what Twitter can do — he/she came out of nowhere and began obsessively tracking the Waxman-Markey bill. Very helpful. [See @climatebill’s identity revealed by Kate Sheppard below.]

#3. @worldresources World Resources Institute
Bio: Environment and human needs – climate change, global warming, ecosystems, green business, sustainable markets, good governance, sustainable development
Recommendation: The World Resources Institute does some of the best wonky analysis work available, and also points to interesting outside work.

#4. @GreenEnergyBrf Green Energy Brief
Bio: Produced from the White House press room, we cover company news, finance, legislation/policy, opinion/analysis. Washington, Wall Street, Silicon Valley.
Recommendation: Tapped-in tweets from connected DC ex-journo.


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Tom Philpott, Food Editor, @tomphilpott

#1. @naomistarkman Naomi Starkman
Bio: Food policy media consultant to Consumers Union, others; co-founder,; former Dir. of Comm., Policy, Slow Food Nation; aspiring organic farmer
Recommendation: A powerhouse of info, Naomi Starkman is a power-linker.

#2. @ediblesf Bruce Cole
Bio: Edible San Francisco – The Bay Area’s Smartest Food Magazine
Sample Tweet: Colbert rips MO Rep. Davis who opposes subdz. school lunches, & says “Hunger can be a positive motivator”

#3. @civileater Paula Crossfield
Bio: Managing editor of Civil Eats, Huffpo blogger, contributing producer at The Leonard Lopate Show, rookie gardener, avid cook, food policy wonkette
Sample Tweet: Join us talking about urban agriculture @sustagchat #sustagchat

#4. @ethicurean Bonnie Azab Powell
Bio: Food politics writer, blogger, editor, and sometime meat slinger.
Recommendation: Bonnie Azab Powell covers good general food politics, with an emphasis on industrial meat.

#5. @tlaskawy Tom Laskawy
Bio: Eco-blogging daily at Beyond Green and Grist
Recommendation: Tom Lasakwy is really good for general food politics and sustainable food issues too.



Russ Walker, Executive Editor, @russ_walker

#1. @guardianeco Guardian Eco
Bio: Breaking news, tweets and comment from The Guardian’s environment team
Sample Tweet: Beers and bikes: do they really mix? | Gwladys Fouché

#2. @WWF_Climate WWF Climate
Bio: World Wide Fund for Nature Climate Change Team at the frontlines. Saving us and the planet one tweet at a time!
Sample Tweet: Want 2 know how the #G8 countries score on #climate? see how #WWF scores them

#3. @greenwombat Todd Woody
Bio: Contributing editor, Fortune Magazine, Grist columnist, Green Wombat writer
Sample Tweet: A picture is worth 24,000 mirrors as eSolar turns its solar farm into a Fourth of the July tableau.

#4. @redgreenandblue
Bio: Environmental politics from across the spectrum. Part of the Green Options Media Network.
Sample Tweet: No Funds Allocated for Clean Energy, Climate Change Mitigation in India’s $200 Billion Budget

#5. @robertmcclure Robert McClure
Bio: Veteran journalist seeking new frontiers after decades in the business
Sample Tweet: Interesting: In Rose Garden speech on Cap’n Trade bill, Obama called for safe nuclear energy and “cleaner” coal. Not “clean” coal. #ACE

#6. @HuffPostGreen Huffington Post Green
Bio: Breaking environmental news, green-it-yourself projects, blogs, animal stories and more!
Recommendation: Can’t forget our pals there!


Sara Barz, Editorial Assistant, @skbarz

#1. @streetsblog
Bio: The national blog network for sustainable transport, smart growth and livable streets.
Recommendation: That’s an interesting one about bikes and transit [issues].

#2. @current_green
Bio: From inspiration to information: The latest green news, DIY on a nickle and dime, tech innovation, stats and facts, calls to action, and more…
Sample Tweet: Welcome to the era of the urban environmentalist! VIDEO (and who knew that’s what rivers looked like in LA…) #green

#3. @treehugger
Bio: Links, Ideas and Conversation from the TreeHugger hive mind, the latest in modern green.
Sample Tweet: VW announced an electric car for 2013! Let’s hope it’s affordable and available in USA

#4. @algore Al Gore
Bio: None listed, but really, does he need one?
Sample Tweet: The most important environmental vote of this generation.

#5. @climatehaiku Climate Haiku
Bio: This guy will never be confused with Keats.
Sample Tweet: Clean energy in / a flash? Wind turbine built in / one minute! watch here


Kate Sheppard, Political Reporter, @kate_sheppard

#1. @MeghanMcNamara Meghan McNamara
Bio: climate change reporter by day, political news junkie by night
Recommendation: A reporter for Exchange Monitor’s GHG Transactions & Technologies who has also been following the progress of the American Clean Energy and Security Act in the House via Twitter.

#2. @climatebill Climate Bill ACES 09
Bio: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009
Recommendation: The handle of Jeremy Blanchard, a student at the University of Oregon who has been feverishly twittering about the progress of the ACES legislation.

#3. @focusthenation Focus the Nation
Bio: Empowering a Generation to Power a Nation! Join the conversation, use #FtN
Recommendation: Focus the Nation is a national nonprofit working to engage citizens in the climate debate.

#4. @TwilightEarth Adam Shake
Bio: Twilight Earth is dedicated to saving the Environment through shared News, Discussion, Advocacy and Activism. Adam Shake – Founder
Recommendation: The twitter hub for Adam Shake, founder of

#5. @thingsbreak
Bio: None listed. Who does this person think she/he is? @algore?
Recommendation: I have no idea who this is, but this twitterer has been delivering smart commentary on climate.


Jonathan Hiskes, Staff Writer, @jhiskes

#1. @yalee360 Yale Environment 360
Bio: Yale Environment 360 is a publication of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.
Recommendation: From the capable news-condensers at Yale Environment 360 and the e360 Digest.

#2. @kgrandia Kevin Grandia
Bio: Managing Editor of, co-founder of and New Media Director for the Vancouver PR firm Hoggan and Associates
Recommendation: I like a climate journalist/activist who’s not exclusively focused on the serious stuff.

#3. @Olympicreporter Jeff Lee
Bio: 2010 Olympics reporter for The Vancouver Sun
Recommendation: Jeff Lee of the Vancouver Sun, for ideas on the environmental impacts of the 2010 Olympics.

#4. @makower Joel Makower
Bio: Founder of, author of Strategies for the Green Economy and other books, frequent speaker on green business, green marketing, and clean tech
Recommendation: For keeping tabs on the green business realm.

#5. @globalpost Global Post
Bio: 70 Correspondents in 53 Countries = World News Covered
Recommendation: I’m intrigued by anyone with the audacity to start a network of foreign correspondents in 2009. Has an environment channel too.


Ashley Braun, Community Coordinator, @ashleybraun

#1. @ejgertz Emily Gertz
Bio: Journalist, editor, content strategist
Recommendation: Smart, plugged-in stories, links, and wit on climate and environmental news, with great coverage of the ACES cap-and-trade bill.

#2. @Jambutter Rob Smart
Bio: Creating sustainable #ProFood solutions offering great food experiences, while improving health, environment, and local economies
Recommendation: Thoughtful news and analysis on the topics around creating sustainable food communities.

#3. @ecorazzi
Bio: :: The Latest in Green Gossip. Founded by @michaeldestries and @rebeccacarter
Recommendation: Fun and sarcastic tweets about green living and pop culture.

#4. @fakeplasticfish Beth Terry
Bio: Living with less plastic since 2007. It’s not that hard. Join me!
Recommendation: A pioneer in walking the talk: an environmental blogger on an anti-plastic crusade.

#5. @loveofscience Allie Wilkinson
Bio: Environmentalist/Blogger/Journalist/Conservationist @
Recommendation: My daily dose of tweets on conservation and marine issues, with a satisfying science twist.

#6. @elephantjournal Elephant Journal (Waylon Lewis)
Bio: Elephant Journal is a blog, articles, videos, interviews re: ‘the mindful life’: yoga, Buddhism, green, politics.
Recommendation: For insightful & holistic green tweets about what really matters, look no further than @elephantjournal.


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