20th annivThis weekend marks the twentieth annual occurrence of a vaunted celebration you’ve quite possibly never heard of: the Environmental Media Association awards. The EMAs actually do a pretty good job of attracting A-list stars, or at least A-minus, and are the original “green-carpet” event. Each year, there are a handful of honorary awards (this year’s recipients include Richard Branson and Jason Mraz) and several others given in various film and TV categories. Sometimes it can feel like a stretch: for instance, while the nominating committee must have been thrilled with the documentary selections available to them this year — Fuel, Food, Inc., The Cove, No Impact Man — when it came to TV, they were reduced to choosing episodes of such knock-your-socks-off shows as Better Off Ted and ‘Til Death.


But it’s fun to add some glitz to green, and I tip my newsgirl cap to the EMA for the work it’s done on that front through all its efforts, including these awards. Apparently for twenty years! Who knew.

In search of a little context, I thought I’d see who else is celebrating a “platinum” anniversary this year — since Grist has made it to ten years (tin/aluminum!), why not look to our elders for wisdom. Turns out those commemorating their twentieth include such international heavyweights as the Goldman Prize and the U.N. Environment Program’s information office, known fondly as GRID-Arendal. They also include slightly lesser, but no less fascinating, eco-lights: the National Wetlands Awards, New York City environmental-justice and health organization WE-Act, NRDC’s Southern California office, Canadian grocery company Loblaw’s PC Green product line, and … Turtle Independence Day!

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Which can mean only one thing — it’s time to raise a glass, and it’s time to vote:

Update: The results are in:

Which 20th anniversary party would you attend?

  • 30 percent — Loblaw: But only if I can write about it on Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog.
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  • 30 percent — Turtle Independence Day: Shell yeah!
  • 20 percent — The EMAs: I wanna scooch on over closer to Jason Mraz.
  • 20 percent — Goldman Prize: Because I need an injection of inspiration.
  • 0 percent — GRID-Arendal: Climate wonks make me hot.
  • 0 percent — National Wetlands Awards: Swamp stomp!
  • 0 percent — WE-Act: Let’s drink to everyone’s good health.
  • 0 percent — NRDC’s SoCal office: Hangin’ with Cam-Cam and Leo at the Beverly Wilshire? Sign me up.