marthaMartha Stewart is easy to caricature. But the sister values good ingredients–and has realized that industrial agriculture churns out flavorless crap. That has caused her to ask second-order questions about the food system–and use her immense popular appeal to shed light on the horrors of factory meat farming.

She has devoted her latest episode to the topic of “vegetarian Thanksgiving.” She delivers a powerhouse lineup of interviews: Food Inc. director Robert Kenner, pasture-based meat farmer Joel Salatin, celebrated vegetable chef Jeremy Fox, and novelist/anti-meat pamphleteer Jonathan Safran Foer, who helps Stewart whip up a little casserole. They don’t allow the video to be streamed on other sites, but you can catch it here. Martha even declared that while she enjoys sustainable meat, she’ll be attending a meatless Thanksgiving this year. Work it, Martha! 

Two notes. Martha and Fox, chef of Ubuntu in Napa, agree vigorously that foil should never touch food. “Never,” Martha declares emphatically. Never heard that one. You?

Second, Martha and Fox, with an assist from Foer, delivers the goods on how to conjure up a fantastic vegetarian Thanksgiving feast without resorting to some horrific pre-fab soy log. Yes!

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