Recycling bin

Seattle’s adding a fourth “R” to the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra: required. Starting Monday, all single-family homes in the city will be required to sign up (and pay) for food/yard-waste service — though, curiously, not required to actually use it. The city is hoping to boost recycling stats to 60 percent of total waste — and avoid building a third transfer station. More items will be recyclable, including milk cartons, paper and plastic cups, and aluminum foil; glass items no longer have to separated; and all food scraps (even meat, fish, and dairy) can go into the food/yard-waste bin.

Plan it: The new recycling regs go into effect Monday, March 30. Check your mailbox for information about the new rates and new collection days.
Recycle it: This handy flier [PDF] illustrates what’s new.