kids in shopping cartWhy would we want to teach our little rascals that shopping carts and cars don’t go together?Sean Dreilinger via Flickr Creative CommonsCalifornia may think it’s bag-ass for its progress toward banning plastic shopping bags. However, Sydney, Australia’s city council is pushing the limits of grocery-getters by telling a small supermarket to park its shopping carts (that’s “trolleys” to you, mate) elsewhere.

Convinced that shopping carts encourage people to buy more food than they can carry themselves, the city council denied the “drop-in-as-you-walk” market’s backtracking request to allow the carts. They’re hedging that if people can’t carry as many jugs of milk and cans of beans, then they won’t need to drive. Less cart congestion = less traffic congestion.

“So it really wasn’t anything to do with the fact shopping trolleys are sort of the new feral animals of the inner city,” said Sydney Labor councillor Dr. Meredith Burgmann.

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Really? I still recommend you watch out for these wild animals!

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