Poor Little Fish basinWhoa! Sorry, little fishy friend!Photo: Yan Lu

“Geeez! Save some water for the whales!”

I can’t even count how many times I heard that while standing in line at the drinking fountain in grade school. Just in case you don’t have bothersome fourth graders handy to remind you not to use sooo much water, designer Yan Lu has a solution.

Rather than publicly shaming you into more mindful water consumption, his “Poor Little Fish basin” casts a line that tugs on your heart strings instead. Leave that faucet flagrantly running and pitiful little Goldie the Goldfish will see the water level in her fishbowl plummet. How could you do that to poor Goldie?

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Thankfully, Goldie’s watery home isn’t actually draining out to wash your hands (um, fish poo?) and wouldn’t completely empty either. Good thing too — otherwise, can you imagine how many ticked-off fourth graders and whales you’d have on your case?



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