Umbra eventAttention all Superwomen and Wondermen! Join.Greetings readers in the Big Apple,

If you’re hearing a voice in your head saying, “Charge!” your inner superhero may be looking for an outlet.

I have just the thing for you. Tonight I’ll be meeting up with The Yes Men and No Impact Man to talk about engaging inner superheroes through artful action.

The event is free and will be freeing for your inner superhero. It’s called “Modern-Day Clark Kents,” and it promises to be a lively exchange of ideas and action.

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If you’re in New York City, join us tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building, 5 East 3rd St. (between Bowery and 2nd Ave.).

Many thanks to the Trust for Mutual Understanding and the Goethe-Institut for making tonight possible. Hope to see you this evening!

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Here’s more on tonight’s panelists:

Andy Bichbaum and Mike Bonanno, as The Yes Men, have an unusual hobby: posing as top executives of corporations that they dislike. Through tactical media actions, The Yes Men raise awareness about what they consider to be problematic social issues, operating under the mission statement of telling the truth and exposing lies. Their targets are people who put profits ahead of everything else. Armed with nothing but thrift-store suits, The Yes Men make their way into conferences and parody their targets, alerting audiences to the danger of letting greed run our world. The Yes Men are currently focused on the The Yes Lab, a series of brainstorms and trainings to help activist groups carry out Yes-Men-style projects on their own.

Colin Beavan, a.k.a. No Impact Man, is on a mission. In the spring of 2009 he founded the No Impact Project, an international, environmental, nonprofit project that was inspired by the No Impact Man book, film, and blog. The mission: to empower citizens to make choices that better their lives and lower their environmental impact through lifestyle change, community action, and participation in environmental politics.