Al Gore is doing his best to ensure Barack Obama gets reelected. Yesterday, he endorsed Mitt Romney's climate stance.

The Arizona wildfire is the largest in the state's history.

A fifth anti-logging activist in Brazil was killed.

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Your HD cable box uses more electricity than your refrigerator.

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Only 30 percent of Pennsylvanians say that hydrofracking's environmental impacts outweigh its economic benefits. But 69 percent do support taxing gas companies, so at least they’re planning to get as much economic benefit out of it as they can.

The next climate-change treaty could cover water issues, because with the droughts and floods in store, there’s either going to be too much or too little. (You know what country has a lot of fresh water? Canada. Maybe we should all just move there. Except, I dunno, they kind of suck at hockey.)

LED lighting is going to be cheeeeaaaaaap.

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