Have you ever been sitting around the Drones Club, throwing rolls around, and thought to yourself, "gosh, going green is very hot right now, but it sounds hard! I wish I could use my gobs of money to pay someone else to do it for me." Well, if you have, you're probably not reading this at all; you're probably having your personal eco-butler read it for you. According to The New York Times, people with a little conscience and a lot of cash can now hire "environmental concierges" to green up their lives, without them having to lift a finger.

“The problem with going green is that people think it takes so much work, so much effort, so much conscious decision-making,” said Letitia Burrell, president of Eco-Concierge NYC, a year-old business in Manhattan that tries to make it easy for people to rid their homes of toxins, hire sustainable-cuisine chefs and find organic dry cleaners.

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Gosh, I can't tell you the headaches I've had over trying to hire a sustainable-cuisine chef.

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These gentlemen's personal eco-gentlemen can also help you switch to organic food and dog treats, find you organic clothes, run your errands for you by bike, redecorate your apartment with sustainable fabrics, and find stylists who use environmentally-friendly dyes or give vegan manicures (apparently that's a thing!). All these crucial services — I mean, who wants to find her own vegan manicure place? — will run you between $2,100 and $3,500 a year, says the Times.

And the best part is, they don't even make you do stuff that's environmentally sound! Because that can be a real drag.

[L]ast December, when she asked [her concierge] to plan her birthday party, [client] Ms. Smith knew what she wanted: a not-so-green affair with 50 to 80 people at a hot club with an open bar and a hip-hop deejay.

“She doesn’t bombard you with, ‘You have to do something green,’ ” Ms. Smith said of her concierge.

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Now, we're willing to lay money — not $3,500 a year, though — that most of our readers are not members of the idle rich. But if the eco-concierge service isn't a purchase possibility for you, maybe it's a job opportunity! If you're sustainability-minded and willing to deal with the Bertie Woosters of the world, you might be able to make some money by greening the 1 percent. Just make sure not to green them too hard.