We’ve done a lot of gushing on this site about the ecologically and musically righteous band Cloud Cult. See Sarah here, or me here, here, and here. Also I interviewed singer Craig Minewa here, and we put the band on our top 15 list here.

Cloud CultCloud Cult.So I won’t go over all of it again. Instead I’ll just point out that they have a new album — Feel Good Ghosts — coming out on Monday, and it’s fantastic. (You can buy it from that Amazon link on Monday or, ahem, buy it directly from the band today, which will ensure they get more money out of the deal. You also get an instant download!)

In many ways Feel Good Ghosts feels like a sequel — or, at about half the length, an addendum — to last year’s masterpiece The Meaning of 8. Lots of soaring orchestral songs, with a vibe equal parts ritualistic and celebratory, filled with found sounds, the occasional electronic beat, and Minewa’s child-like yearning and hope. This song is more quiet, but I love it — it’s called “The Ghost in Our House.”

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