Schwarzenegger says sexy greens are successful — and he should know

In a speech at Georgetown University yesterday, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said environmentalists need to get hip and sexy to counter their image as “prohibitionists at a fraternity party.” Brandishing a batch of recent green-themed magazines — some featuring his mug on the cover — the Governator said the movement is near a tipping point. “I don’t know when the tipping point occurs, but I know where — in California,” he said, adding, “California is big, California is powerful, and what we do in California has an impact. We are sending the world a message.” The action star will pretty much deliver that message in person, with upcoming trips to Canada, England, and India and an appearance on the ultimate global forum, MTV’s “Pimp My Ride.” Sadly, there’s rain on Arnie’s parade: a new study says his state has the country’s highest concentration of non-white residents living near toxic facilities. But we’re sure after he solves climate change, entrenched racism will be the next to go.