For those of you who haven’t read Grist List yet today (and why not, hm?), we called attention to two yoot-based eco-vids. But Grist List isn’t exactly G-rated, so I wanted to call attention to them here, too.

The first is a charming series of videos created by fourth-graders at The Park School in Massachusetts. Led by teacher Ted Wells, the class has embarked on a mission to green the school. The videos, which were shared with the entire school (and now the inter-web!), explain the importance of recycling using student-recited facts, slo-mo action sequences to the tune of “Chariots of Fire,” and a superhero named “Recycling Boy.” They were even featured on an episode of Heidi Cullen‘s “Climate Code.” The website itself is being managed by one of the ten-year-olds; I recommend checking it out — the enthusiasm and innocence of these kids is enough to melt even the most cynical of green-hearts. The children are our future, dontcha know!

The second video also involves the yoots — but these kids are actors. Far as I can tell, it’s a music video for a remix of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall.” I love the way it was filmed in the black and white, and the concept overall wins major points for creativity:

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We’ve speculated about this a bit at Grist HQ, but does anyone out there know why they’d be putting a brick in the fridge?

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