Taking a cue from Alex over at WorldChanging, I’d like to point out all the print pubs covering enviro issues.

First, of course, is the May issue of Vanity Fair. You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that our very own Chip Giller appears in the special green edition. In addition to naked photos of Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley and Keri Russell, readers will find a piece by Grist contributor Mark Hertsgaard titled “While Washington Slept.” This article “exposes the big-money campaign to label global warming as ‘a liberal hoax’, and explores the way back from the edge.” There is also a brief piece about Dr. James E. Hansen and the efforts to hush him up. Readers will also find a story by Michael Shnayerson titled “The Rape of Appalachia,” which chronicles how the historic mountains of Appalachia are being decapitated. And then there is Al Gore’s piece, “The Moment of Truth,” in which he calls on America to fight global warming. Did I mention our fearless leader is featured within?

And as Dave pointed out earlier this week, American Prospect published a special report titled “After Oil: The economic and political promise of a post-petroleum society” that includes pieces on renewable energy, sustainable business and much more.

SEED‘s “State of the Planet 06: What is it going to take?” covers sustainable design, the UK’s relaxed emissions standards, sustainable ecosystems and more.

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The March/April issue of Mother Jones is titled “The Last Days of the Ocean” and asks if we can save the oceans we’re pushing over the brink. You’ll also find pieces on fishery regulation, polar bears and choosing the right fish to eat.

And don’t forget the recent issue of Time that featured the headline “Be worried. Be very worried.”

Lastly, look out for green issues of Elle and Wired as well.

And while we should applaud and encourage the efforts of our paper-based kin, let’s not forget that Grist publishes a green issue every weekday. In your face!

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