Celebrate Buy Nothing Day by sitting on your derriere

Traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year, the Friday after Thanksgiving sends millions of Americans, drone-like, to the malls to kick-start the holiday consumption orgy. But before you foil-wrap the roast beast and stash the organic cranberry dressing in the fridge, consider celebrating another holiday: Buy Nothing Day. Officially observed Nov. 26 this year in the U.S. and Nov. 27 internationally, Buy Nothing Day calls on consumers — formerly known as “people” — to forego the siren song of day-after sales and protest overconsumption. Activists the world over will be staging events to highlight facts like this: 20 percent of the world’s population consumes more than 80 percent of its natural resources. Americans alone throw away 5 million more tons of trash between Thanksgiving and Christmas than during any other month. Do your part to curb the waste by doing, well, nothing.