Mother and child

Of course, the best gifts don’t come from a store.

Now that Earth Day has come and gone, it’s that time of year when “love your mother” can be taken literally again. But here’s a bonus: green Mother’s Day festivities allow you to be kind to Mother Earth and the woman who pushed you out her cervix. Of course, the best gifts are stuff-free (and even free free — carefully planted smooch, anyone?), but here are some ideas if you feel the need to drop some dough.

Green-cleaning gift certificate
Let Mom save her elbow grease for lifting that organic mimosa you made her, and let the pros freshen her abode with non-toxic cleaning supplies. Maid Brigade recently went green, and Zen Home Cleaning in New York City boasts “hotel-style luxury services.” Or put yo’ back into it and DIY.

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Organic desserts
Theo Chocolate offers a wine-pairing kit, with five chocolate bars picked for their compatibility with red wine (not included) and instructions for orchestrating a “tasting party.” Liz Lovely has Mom-inspired collections of organic, fair trade, vegan cookies and chocolaty bakery treats, and their commitment to recycled packaging is simply sweet. Dagoba and Green and Black’s organic chocolate are Grist staff faves, too.

Reusable tote bag
Who’s not a plastic bag hag? Your mom! Before she hits up the farmers market, arm her with a cute pink tote or slightly crunchier woven hemp bag, both supporting artisans in Bangladesh; or check out the ChicoBag that one Grist staffer’s mom can’t stop raving about. Ecobags also has a variety of woven, string, and canvas bags made from organic cotton.

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Organic or local flowers
Skip pesticide-soaked conventionally grown flowers in favor of some from Organic Bouquet or those certified as sustainably grown by VeriFlora. Plucking some from your neighbor’s yard is always an option, too. Not that we would endorse such a thing.

Donation to a women-friendly cause
The Women’s Environment & Development Organization points out that women are especially vulnerable to the effects of global warming. Do Mom proud by giving to organizations with an eye on the situations of women worldwide. Support female survivors of war, women-led organizations across the globe, and human rights for women and families. Or go local and find a women’s organization in your state here — you can also give some time if your pockets are thin.

Leave ‘er alone
Peace and quiet: two completely free gifts that are guaranteed to please.