Beijing’s four-day trial run of keeping vehicles off of its roads was either wildly successful or a complete wash, depending who you ask. The city plans to put 50,000 bicycles out to rent during the Games in hopes of easing congestion and pollution. (But will they be in fancy vending machines)? You’ll also be glad to know that Paula Radcliffe, the world record holder in the women’s marathon (2:15.25!) and a sufferer of exercise-induced asthma, plans to compete regardless of air quality.

Philadelphia Eagles

Photo: Hunter Martin/WireImage

Other news of note: The Philadelphia Eagles already made our list of green sports stars but are upping the ante, partnering with paper-products manufacturer SCA to use 100 percent recycled paper towels, napkins, and TP at their stadium.

And, following up on last week’s post on synthetic turf, Connecticut researchers have found that ground-up rubber pellets on playing fields can release enzothiazole, n-hexadecane, 4 (t-octyl) phenol, and butylated hydroxyanizole, and can leach zinc, lead, cadmium, and selenium into water.

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