We Americans sure do like labels don’t we? (And I’m not talking about food labels.) That’s right, in addition to soccer moms cruising around town in hybrids and flexitarians buying their food stuffs at Whole Foods and the like, we now have “hygridders.”

What’s a hygridder? According to a Wired article:

… people who are both middle of the road and off the grid. Across the US some 185,000 households have switched from the local power company to their own homegrown, renewable energy. The fastest-growing segment of this population – their ranks are doubling each year – isn’t doing a full Kaczynski. Sure, these folks are slapping solar panels on the roof and erecting the occasional wind turbine, but they’re staying connected to the grid, just to be safe. And in many cases, they’re operating as mini-utilities, selling excess electricity back to the power company. Just as their cars aren’t kludgy and their food isn’t flavorless, their homes aren’t drafty or dimly lit. Call them hygridders. And look for them soon in a neighborhood near you. Because – trendmeisters, take note – hygrid is the new Prius.

Learn about this new breed by reading the article. And if you feel so inclined, let us know what you think or tell us about your foray into hygridding.

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