1. Stop drooling over concept cars we’ll never own

    That is, as soon as we’re done gawking at this stackable, shareable, electric two-seater dreamt up by MIT’s Smart Cities team. It’s inspired by corralled shopping-carts, powered by four “wheel robots” with 360-degree movement, and fully customizable. Drool.

    Photo: Franco Vairani.

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  2. Be as eco-conscious as Britney Spears

    K-Fed up with news about Britney Spears’ kid? Us neither! The latest? Motherhood has sparked an eco-streak in the popster — she now buys “organic” and “get[s] rid of rubbish in a green way.” Says Spears, “Since becoming a mum, I have become so green.” And British, apparently.

  3. Pay more attention to sports

    Turns out NFL players do more than punt balls and slap asses. They also plant trees! And offset emissions! A December Rams-Eagles game was the first ever to offset carbon pollution by supporting renewable-energy projects. And the Super Bowl’s in its second year of carbon neutrality. First down! Or whatever they call it.

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    Photo: iStockphoto.

  4. Use Prius to power all aspects of life; possibly name children after it

    You thought you were devoted to your Prius — but you don’t even power your home with it! Newbie. Though it involves some serious wire splicing and other technoskillz, you can make your car/idol a battery-powered generator recharged by running the engine every few weeks. Off-grid, bitches!

    Photo: Richard Factor.

  5. Never, ever have another year like 2005

    Though snubbed after the rumored nod as TIME‘s Person of the Year, Mother Nature did make major waves in 2005. Even kinda destroyed a whole city. Wo0t! Sob! The top eco-stories of the year weren’t all bad, but we’re hoping for a better 2006 anyway. We’re naive like that.

    Photo: NOAA Photo Library.