1. Lube job

    Folks sometimes worry about sustainability during sex — just not the environmental kind. To make your pleasure greener there’s the Veg Sex Shop, a collection of vegan and eco-friendly sex toys, including a solar-powered vibrator and a dazzling variety of oils and lubes.

  2. Look on the bright side

    Global warming may result in planetwide catastrophe, but at least it’s an excuse for a quick nap. Researchers recommend that folks in warming climes start taking mid-afternoon siestas. The End Is Nigh — no sense working yourself to death.

  3. Space bikes

    The worldwide internets were all abuzz this week over these cool bikes from Specialized, sure that everyone would ditch their cars and start commuting the eco-friendly way. Too bad it was all a hoax. Sigh.

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    Photo: Scott Robertson, www.designstudiopress.com.

  4. Can you smell me now?

    Sure, your cell phone plays that Missy Elliott ring tone and lets you share distorted pictures of your own nostrils, but can it sense ambient pollution and radiation levels? It could soon, if researchers at UC-Berkeley get their chip-based detectors up and running. Good call.

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  5. Charismatic microfauna

    An excitable nocturnal primate that “literally ricochets off stuff and boings around,” the mouse-sized Microcebus lehilahytsara is one of two new species of lemurs recently discovered in Madagascar. We warn you: Don’t look directly at it (the cuteness! it burns!).

    Photo: Robert Zingg.