1. Northern exposure

    Ways to raise climate-change awareness: Walk 1,000 miles. Skateboard across Canada. Row the Pacific. Swim the North Pole, the Baltic, a polluted river. Or, pose nude atop a Swiss glacier. Now that’s the way to highlight shrinkage.

  2. Climb every mountain man

    While answering the call at Live Earth, Cammie Dee got a call of her own — from enviro-hottie David de Rothschild. We knew climate-change activism was good for something! And in completely unrelated green celeb news, Mel Gibson is investing in rubbers. Hee hee.

    Photo: Alex Berliner / Berliner Studio

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  3. Just call us boozitarian

    You may be wondering how we stay in tip-top punning shape. Our secret: always drink a healthy dinner, complemented with a box of red wine. We’ve got spirits, yes we do!

  4. I’m Not Swayed by the Latest Trend

    Can’t afford a Prius? The newest green status symbol is 1,333 times cheaper. It may be Not a Plastic Bag (and Not an Ethical Bag), but judging by the throngs of crazed shoppers, it might as well be carrying an iPhone and HP 7.

    Photo: We Are What We Do

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  5. Peppi: The choice of a new generation

    Ladies and gents, we bring you … Lil Peppi.

    Photo courtesy Lil Peppi

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