1. Possum, I f*ckin’ shot that!

    Sure, Gore’s Truth won a little gold nekkid dude and a cult following. But when it comes to scaring people into action on global warming, which is more effective: a two-hour slideshow presentation or a slasher flick about killer possums? Yeah, thought so.

    Photo: Atom Films

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  2. Stellllllaaaa!!!!

    Call us bag ladies, if you must, but we’ve got to wrap up the latest handbag haps: The $15 Hindmarch must-have (now on eBay for $200) may be Not a Plastic Bag, but it’s also Not an Ethical Bag. How to handle this scandal? With a $960 silk Hermes or a $495 organic canvas Stella, of course. But what will we tote when we can’t afford groceries?

    Photo: Stella McCartney

  3. Amazing what a little Tofurky can do

    Last year, we declared angry vegans our favorite source of letters to the editor (see exhibits A and B). We’ve even proclaimed they have an irony deficiency. But we admit we’re wrong — because before/after vegan bodybuilding is obviously meant to pump irony. Right? Right?

    Photo: Downbound.com

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  4. Altruistic pizza

    Want to order pizza made with organic ingredients in a wind-powered restaurant and delivered by caped carriers driving all-electric vehicles? Enter Galactic. How about a beer with that? Try Foster’s: Australian for beer power.

  5. Hey mama, this that ship that make you move, mama

    Here’s to mothers: especially the ones that paddle instead of spank, and the ones that act up instead of acting out. On Sunday, celebrate yo mama — and last-minute shoppers, remember that Saturday is World Fair Trade Day.

    Photo: Ann Coen