1. Visualize world pees

    If you’re a fan of answering nature’s call, in nature, urine luck. Pees on Earth is a collection of photos by Ellen Jong, who documented herself poppin’ squats all over the world. She hopes the book has a trickle-down effect, inspiring others to be one with their environs. Is this what they mean when they call ecotourism the buzzword of the year?

    Photo: Ellen Jong.

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  2. The sum of Al’s fears

    Al Gore — remember him? — has been at the Sundance Film Festival having, in his own words, “a most excellent time.” No doubt snorting coke off hookers’ bottoms. Ha ha! Ahem. Actually, he’s promoting his new film (and book) An Inconvenient Truth, about that whole global-warming thing.

  3. You built Ford? Tough.

    Ford Motor Co. CEO Bill Ford revealed this week his not-so-secret top-secret plans to someday in the future but not the near future produce a fully recyclable vehicle. Too bad his employees are disposable.

  4. Fuel efficient, but still well-hung

    The D.C.-based Washington Auto Show was all about fuel efficiency this year — a subject much on D.C. minds. Eensy beensy cars are all the rage overseas, but here in mine’s-bigger-than-yours land, automakers are busy making hybrids in every shape and size possible. Except small.

    Photo: Mitsubishi.

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  5. Chinese checkers

    Confucius say: Turn the lights off, yo. In an effort to curb power use, “energy police” will begin patrolling shopping malls and office buildings in Beijing, fining profligate power users. No doubt energy po-po will pop up in American malls any day, making sure the lights are too bright, air conditioning too cold, and music too loud.

    Photo: iStockphoto.

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