Eco-guru Danny Seo, otherwise known as the Asian male green incarnation of Martha Stewart, has jumped headfirst this year into the world of publishing. His book Simply Green: Parties launched this summer, and now he’s released the second in the series, this one focused on gift-giving.

While I can’t support all the ideas in the book (Dryer sheets as wrapping paper? Really?), and a few of the crafts are a bit involved (washable soap gift tags, a chandelier made from tree branches and holiday cards), some of the suggestions are ingenious. Ever thought of using old VHS video tape as ribbon? Yeah, me neither, but it actually looks pretty cool. Ditto for the fruit bowls made from those old cardboard globes (cut in half of course).

Both books (Parties and Giving) are available now via Grist’s new Amazon store. And we get a small cut for everything purchased there … so get to shoppin’!

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