While the drill-baby-drill contingent was bitching about reliance on foreign oil, that hacky-sack full of smelly Nancy-Pelosi-electing hippies known as California quietly installed more solar in 2010 than any other state, ever.

The numbers:

  • Californians installed 194 megawatts of solar in 2010, 47 percent more than they installed in 2009. Granted, 2009 was kind of a crap year, economically. But so was 2010!
  • This power is distributed: California now has nearly 1 gigawatt of solar spread across almost 10,000 sites.
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  • The cost of distributed, small-scale solar in California has fallen 18 percent since 2007, and almost 30 percent for large projects.
  • Applications to California's solar subsidy program indicate that 2011 will be an even bigger, more record-breakinger year. The ultimate goal is 1,940 MW of solar capacity by 2016.


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