A couple of weeks ago, I penned a long tribute to the sandwich–specifically, locally owned sandwich shops that combine a high degree of cooking skill with a zeal for great ingredients from local farmers and producers.

To me, these shops represent a nexus that joins skilled cooks, the surrounding farm community, and a broad swath of the local citizenry. They make terrific local food accessible, and keep food dollars circulating within their surrounding communities. And they also make a mean sandwich–no small thing in a world awash in horrible food.

In my piece, I highlighted Chapel Hill’s path-breaking Sandwhich, Brooklyn’s glorious Bierkraft, and New Orleans’ sublime Cochon Butcher. Now that I’ve revealed to you, food-loving reader, my sandwich obsessions, I want to hear about yours.

The Grist food section is plotting a slideshow of our nation’s great new-wave sandwich shops–and we want you to send in photos and a short description of your favorite ones.

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What we’re looking for is joints that are a) locally owned–no chains; b) creative; c) zealous about sourcing local ingredients; and d) capable of knocking out consistently and mind-blowingly good sandwiches.

Here’s what to do. Identify a sandwich shop that meets those criteria. Take a snapshot of your favorite offering from there, and a few more of scenes from the place–you know, a sandwich artisan working her trade; a menu board full of temptations; what have you. Write a short–<300 word–case for why the place rocks. Send it all to me: tphilpott[at]grist[dot]org. (Feel free to use Flickr for the photos.) Deadline: May 7.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

People whose nominations we highlight in the slideshow will get the glory of being published on Grist (believe me, there is no glory on Earth like it); and one of those plastic shopping-bag thingies, the ones that crumple down to a fist-sized ball. Oh yeah, and they say “Grist” on them!

Don’t just sit there staring slack-jawed. Go find great sandwiches. Hit the bricks!