Wired has posted a series of photos of seed vaults, storage units that bank tens of thousands of seeds in an attempt to preserve biodiversity against threats of extinction and climate change, and we can safely say they're the creepiest way of ensuring that species survive. This is some mad-science stuff!

The Svalbard Seed Vault, for example, is housed practically at the North Pole, is built to be impervious to terror attacks, and has been compared to a Bond villain's lair. Wired calls it "the world’s insurance policy against botanical holocaust."

The vaults hold tens of thousands of seeds, in a bid to be as completist as possible. The Millennium Seed Bank Project in England, for instance, has collected specimens for 90 percent of Britain's plant species, and hopes to have 25 percent of the world's flora by 2020. Bring on the zombie asteroid ice age!

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