The bike-powered foodscape

Bike delivery. INNA jam makes jams from local organic fruit and owner Dafna Kory delivers the products via bicycle. Photo: Dafna KorySpeaking of alternative transportation, bikes have become a symbol of the hyper-local food economy. I’ve seen many examples of small businesses that deliver everything from jam to coffee by bike, and they’re building their bike identity into their brand to boot. (These people in Humboldt would say there’s nothing new about it.) I applaud those who keep at it in winter. And I really loved the idea for a CSA-compost bike trailer, which, true to its name, both drops off fresh vegetables and picks up household compost! Oh, and I’d be remiss not to include a link to Elly Blue’s recent post here on Grist about a farm that exemplifies “dispersed urban agriculture” (i.e. they grow food in a number of urban backyards and travel to and fro using bikes).