A good year-end trend list should do two things simultaneously: confirm the conscientious reader’s suspicions while providing a few surprise nuggets. Sustainable food is a vast category with many opportunities for interpretation, so what I offer up here is an entirely subjective list of favorites. In other words: These are just a few of the things that have caught my attention and held it for longer than usual this year.

You’ll notice I’ve left urban gardening and foraging off the list (sacrilege!). That’s not because they’re not very popular; in fact, it’s precisely because they’re so popular. To me, not much is left to say about either. Maybe you’ll disagree — I’d love to hear any and all thoughts in the comments below.

Bye-bye bottles!

Wine glasses.Photo: Taylor McConnellI always get a little giddy when a server offers me a carafe of house-made bubbly water. Not only does it feel like a fancy indulgence, but I know that the water has been carbonated there, in the restaurant, meaning no one has used fossil fuels to ship a heavy glass bottle filled with water (of all things!) across the world on my behalf. This year, however, I’ve noticed a number of restaurants have also begun offering wine on tap. It’s true! Some genius finally had the wherewithal to begin putting vino in 20-liter stainless steel containers similar to those used for soda syrup. The result is much less waste (of bottles, but also of wine, which tends to deteriorate quickly once a bottle has been opened), and a much smaller carbon footprint. I’ll raise a glass to that!