I love it when you get crumbs in the sheets.

Bakers FederationI love it when you get crumbs in the sheets.

Mmm, fresh bread. If only we all smelled that good. Well, if you attended London Fashion Week, YOU CAN:

For London Fashion Week, the Federation of Bakers offered a limited edition scent called Eau de Toast “to challenge the fashion for bread-free diets” and “to remind women who skip breakfast just what they’re missing out on.” Sample bottles of perfume were offered online but have now sold out.

Bottle of chemicals with breakfast?

Bakers FederationBottle of chemicals with breakfast?

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Bread perfume! Let’s brainstorm the perfect slogan, shall we?

  • Bread perfume. Because your lady with a bun in the oven should smell like one too.
  • Bread perfume. Because yeast gets a bad rap. (WAIT, nix this one, that is awful.)
  • Bread perfume. Because there’s nothing wrong with being a little doughy.
  • Bread perfume. GET BAKED.
  • Knead a new scent? Try BREAD PERFUME.

A less punny but more accurate tagline might be “Full of toxic ingredients nobody has to disclose!” Or maybe “Way worse for you than actual bread!” But where’s the fun in those?

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