In the eighth episode of the PBS series The Victory Garden’s Edible Feast, Perennial Plate crosses the border to our northerly sister, Canada. Host Daniel Klein takes us to Vancouver, where he talks fish, herbs, worms, and, yep, more fish with local foodies. Here’s a taste of what’s in the episode (no poutine to be found):

Shaun and Sonia Strobel at Skipper Otto’s CSF are trying to revive the local fishing scene by operating an up-and-coming sustainable fish business. It’s like a CSA, but with fish.

Judy Kenzie’s truck farm has a mission to inspire people to grow their own food in small, urban spaces. She grows chives, parsley, kale, basil, spinach, and sunflowers in her mobile garden, which she uses to travel around, hand out free seeds, and spread the good food word.

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Andrea Bellamy, garden blogger and author of Sugar Snaps and Strawberriesgives lessons on how to use a stacked worm composting system to make rich, nutrient-dense organic material (aka worm poop) and how to propagate herbs.

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Chef Chris Roper of The Fat Cow & Oyster Bar makes rye-crusted sturgeon with roasted pumpkin and pickled beets. He’s a “let the flavors speak for themselves,” kinda guy — and by the look of the dish, we like what they have to say.

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