Do ya like Wife Swap but wish the results were … juicier? Like literally involving more juice, from meats and stuff? If so, Leftover Swap is the app for YOU.

Launching in the next couple of weeks, the app will help you find a local home for the rest of your takeout. You know that pile of food you just can’t manage to cram down but paid good money for, and it seems wrong to make it mingle in the trash with your apple peels and forgotten dreams? It can find a home in someone’s happy belly. (Well, someone with a smartphone.)

The app will be free — in other words, WAY cheaper than getting a dog. Here’s how it’ll work:

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Snap a picture of food you no longer want, post it onto the app’s database listing, and wait for someone to place dibs on your meal.

Sweet! It’s basically digital dumpster diving. And it could expand beyond the iPhoned masses:

[Creators Dan Newman and Bryan Summersett are] excited to see how people will use it to reduce food waste by diverting leftovers in the direction of someone hungry rather than a garbage or compost bin. If Leftover Swap proves successful, Newman and Summersett hope to bring their idea online on a food-swapping website, thus reaching beyond the narrow swath of people who are both in need of a meal, and have smartphones at the ready.

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Beta testing will begin in Seattle, where Newman and Summersett are based, along with other dense foodie-centric cities. As Seattle Met points out, hopefully the app can reduce the 40 percent of food Americans throw away.