If you’re the kind of breakfast lover who needs a side of bacon with your eggs, you may want to avoid Comfort Hotel on your next trip to Sweden.

Nordic Choice hotel group announced that Comfort Hotels in Scandinavia and the Baltics will stop serving bacon and sausage on its breakfast menus. And in case you think this is a response to the recent report that red meat causes cancer — nope! Nordic Choice owner Petter Stordalen cites sustainability, not health, as the reason. Fox News reports:

“The focus on sustainability permeates what we do in Nordic Choice,” Stordalen told Hegnar.no. He added that he believes guests “will appreciate a good, healthy start to the day.”

But not everyone at his hotel group agrees. “There are mixed reactions,” Ebba Kohl, who runs the restaurant at one of Comfort’s properties, told Sweden’s Västerbottens Kuriren newspaper (via The Local). “Some are upset and some understanding.”

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Guests will also see fewer grain cereals and cheese on the menu, and the chain won’t serve products containing palm oil, which Stordalen says is environmentally destructive.

Palm oil is environmentally destructive, as well as bad for workers, orangutans, and your conscience.

Of course, Stordalen is not your typical hotelier, and so this move should be no surprise for anyone following his career. (Wait. You aren’t??) Unlike the Marriott family, who donated $1.5 million to a Mitt Romney superPAC, or Trump Hotels, whose CEO donated millions and a talking wig to Donald Trump’s campaign, Stordalen is known for championing progressive causes.

In addition to implementing the first hotel smoking ban, Stordalen also replaced porn on his hotel TVs with contemporary video art to make a stand against child trafficking. Taking away our bacon is fine, but contemporary video art? Talk about bad for the planet.

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