Most doctors recommend you slather your overheated body in ice cream to beat the heat. But why dash from your cool basement through the humid outdoors to your hot car when someone could just deliver ice cream to you without even burning carbon? That’s the thinking behind Ice Cream Jubilee’s new bike delivery service to D.C. residents (I know; it needs to go nationwide ASAP).

With flavors like Banana Bourbon Caramel and Strawberry Black Tea, this is no newspaper boy chucking a carton of Dryers through your front window. And the month-long subscriptions mean you might not have to leave the house til August or September:

Ice Cream Jubilee is offering a monthly ice cream “subscription” delivered to your home via bicycle.

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Starting today, Ice Cream Jubilee will offer one-month ($25) or two-month ($50) subscriptions with four half-pints of different flavors delivered each month. The July flavors include chocolate five spice, blueberry pie, gin and tonic sorbet, and Thai iced tea — with ice cream made from Maryland cream. The company is working with bike courier service Urban Delivery to bring the product to customers’ doors.

At roughly $6 for a half-pint, it ain’t cheap. But hopefully some of the cost is going to ensuring the bike couriers are well-compensated for sweating it out under brain-melting conditions. (That and paying for their dry-ice-insulated coolers.)

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The Washington Post points out it’s not the only thing you can get delivered by bike in the nation’s capital. Other options include coffee from Peregrine Espresso, beer and wine from FoBoGro, and sandwiches from Jimmy John’s. BUT WILL THEY BE RIDING FIXIES?