Kellogg’s is pulling 3 million boxes of Mini Wheats off the shelves because they were contaminated with metal fragments from a faulty machine. Obviously we want you all to stop wasting so much food, food-wasters, but wow — some of the responsibility has to fall on companies and regulators for ensuring food safety. Because even those of you voted most likely to buy a pound of broccoli and then eat pizza every night have never thrown away food on this scale. 

It feels kind of unfair that you’re trying to make leftovers soup while Kellogg’s lets over 3 million pounds of food go to waste because it was too hard to not put metal in it. But at the same time, you probably also don’t want to eat machine-shard cereal, so you can get more details here on which specific batches were recalled. With numbers like that, chances are that if you have Mini Wheats in your house you should call them a loss. Maybe you can make buttons out of them.

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