A 14-year study has — SHH! Please stop crowing, “Meat causes diabetes! Meat causes diabetes!” It is not quite that simple. Can you slow your roll? Get back to me when you’re ready to listen, OK?

As I was saying! A 14-year study of more than 66,000 European women shows that a diet high in acidic foods leads to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. You’d think this means oranges cause type 2 diabetes, right? But actually meat, cheese (NOOO!), and fish boost the acid in your kidneys and pee WAY more than citrus fruits. (Fruits and veggies, believe it or not, LOWER your body’s acidity — at least your potential renal acid load.)


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Chronic acidosis — a condition caused by increased acidity in the blood and body tissues — reduces insulin sensitivity, the ability of the hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar …

Over a period of 14 years, 1,372 new cases of type 2 diabetes were recorded. Women whose potential renal acid load (Pral) scores were in the top 25 percent had a 56 percent greater risk of developing diabetes than those in the bottom 25 percent.

Recap: Eating more fruits and veggies MIGHT help lower your risk of type 2 diabetes — not to be confused with type 1 diabetes, the kid version with no known cause — and eating tons of meat and cheese might do the opposite. This is shocking, as no one before has suggested eating produce could have health benefits. You heard it here first.

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