Sorry for the Upworthy headline, but seriously, this video will make you say “Oh SHIT” right around the 30-second mark:

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Wild, right?! We’re starting to think cars and trucks need floor-length mirrors stapled to their doors instead of those dinky little side mirrors they come with.

Transport for London produced the video as a PSA to keep cyclists safe. “Lorries have significant areas around them where cyclists are difficult to see by the driver,” TFL writes. We know this is a really serious issue, but we’re also distracted by how cute the word “lorries” is.

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Anyway, although it’s easy to say “Drivers are assholes!” for not seeing bikes on the road — and obviously cyclists are way more vulnerable than someone up in a cab — you’ve gotta feel a little bit sorry for the truck driver in this scenario, too. She or he is basically steering the Titanic, probably doing so on insufficient sleep, and trying to do her best with subpar mirrors. High-speed rail, anyone?!