The days of coaxing vegetables into your child’s mouth via the “airplane” method — complete with propeller-sputtering sound effects — may be over. Funny or Die’s Billy “On the Street” Eichner went to extreme (and, might we add, incredibly abrasive) lengths to try to convince children to eat fresher and healthier.

Eichner hosted First Lady Michelle Obama and Sesame Street’s Big Bird in a “grocery store” game show. The contestants were asked to choose the better option (i.e. “Ariana Grande, or eating a carrot?” Spoiler: CARROTS FTW) — over a yelling Eichner. The video also gave FLOTUS a chance to talk about her new campaign to “Eat Brighter.” By slapping pictures of Sesame Street characters on produce packaging, the campaign’s goal is that kids will eat more green stuff — because Elmo. Watch:

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If you don’t have 12 minutes to spare but are desperate for your daily fix of Big Bird in a tie (we know you too well), we recommend at least watching the “Lightning Round” in the last minute-thirty.

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Of course, if we were to suggest how kids and adults could eat more produce, we might go with planting your own fruits and veggies so you don’t have to buy cartoon-endorsed berries. And, if they’re still not into the organic kale (little ingrates), try out your best Grover impersonation.