I don’t know what’s the dumbest part of the Fishlove ad campaign — the fact that someone thought you could raise awareness about overfishing with glaringly lit photos of naked celebrities snuggling dead sea life, or the fact that the whole thing was co-sponsored by a sushi restaurant. (What’s the idea there — “eat this tuna, Lizzy Jagger might have put her vagina on it”?) But I do know that it gave us this picture of Sir Naked Ben Kingsley looking very serious about a small limp octopus, which is frankly transcendent. So thanks for that, Fishlove.

Since this is an awareness-raising campaign we should probably hit you with some facts about overfishing: It’s cut American stocks of bluefin tuna by 80 percent, menhaden (a small fish that anchors a lot of ocean ecosystems) by about 90 percent, and other fish … well, just look at this map. And then don’t eat these fish. And now you can go back to looking at Sir Ben’s nipples, or whatever you were doing.

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